Agency Services


The Rosen Coren Agency offers a full range of marketing services from initial consultation and concept development to implementation. Your marketing mix, the way your product or service is identified and positioned in the marketplace is critical to your success. Putting the right product in the right place at the right time using the time tested strategic strategies and proven tools are what we help you do. Just like you we are driven to deliver for your brand and services.

Public Relations and Publicity

An essential component in any effective communications program is an aggressive public relations and publicity program. Rosen Coren Agency works closely with your organization to identify your brand through the mainstream media—wire services, newspapers and magazines, television and radio and online media sources. We help you create strategies and stories about your organization, its products and services to glean attention and exposure for you from those media outlets. This third party credibility it vitally important to your overall communications approach.

Internet Marketing

As the world turns more and more to online and digital marketing the Rosen Coren communications team can help you to identify and utilize those online sites, which possess the audiences you are seeking for your brand and services. Here we offer a balance of strategic and tactical advice to assist you in identifying those important online sources. We will guide you through the effective use and management of tools and proven strategies to reach those digital audiences. We have the resources and contacts that will ultimately help you to achieve successful outcomes.

Social Media

One of today’s most important aspects of a communications strategy is the use of social media. As part of our approach, a lot to what we place on social media is material, which is developed from our ongoing public relations programs. By using the news stories we generate in newspapers and magazines and on television and radio, as well as online sources we gain third party endorsements for your brand and services when placed on social media—Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Google, Pinterest, Linked In and others. That third party endorsement is what makes our approach to social media more effective than most others.

Website Development and Design

If you need to develop a new website or refresh your current site, Rosen Coren Agency can help you starting with a new concept and design, content copy and graphics and on to a finished attractive, fully functional, easy to use understandable website. We have the talent and experience to provide you with a turnkey finished product that will meet all your requirements.


The Rosen Coren Agency graphics team is geared to assist you with all your graphics requirements. Whether you require artwork for printed pieces or collateral or advertising in mainstream or on line media, we have the creative talent and experience to assist your organization. We will work side-by-side with your in house management and marketing team to deliver the graphics support you need.


Rosen Coren Agency has the creative ability and experience to create print and electronic advertising programs for both mainstream media and Internet and online advertising. We can help develop concept and design phases and then implement our approaches to meet all your requirements.